The main activity of EL BAT JSC is treatment and recycling of various types of lead-containing waste and battery scrap to produce lead, lead alloys and sodium sulfate. The products of the company are main raw material, used in the automotive industry, building of submarines and other vessels, cable coatings, as well as in the chemical industry.


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Production with attention to detail

Services and products

Separation and Desulfurization

In this section the lead acid batteries are crushed and separated to the following components: Lead paste, Metal fraction, Electrolyte and Plastic.

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In this section is being carried out a reductive smelting of: Metal fraction, Desufatised paste and all circulating lead-containing materials of the production.

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In this section are performed pyro-metallurgical processes for purification of the lead, to obtain a finished product - Soft lead and all lead-based alloys.

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