The production of our company covers the following main production units: Separation and Desulphation, Metallurgy and Refining.

The main purpose of our production is to minimize waste by using modern technologies and practices, reducing gas waste quantities. A process of desulphurization of the lead paste and the waste electrolyte has been introduced, resulting in zero emissions of sulfur oxides in the waste gases and minimization of the production of waste product - Lead slag.

Our goal is to continuously optimize the use of natural resources and energy. The company pays special attention to protecting the health and safety of all its employees.


Separation and Desulfurization

In this section the lead acid batteries are crushed and separated to the following components: Lead paste, Metal fraction, Electrolyte and Plastic.

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In this section is being carried out a reductive smelting of: Metal fraction, Desufatised paste and all circulating lead-containing materials of the production.

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In this section are performed pyro-metallurgical processes for purification of the lead, to obtain a finished product - Soft lead and all lead-based alloys.

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