The company EL BAT JSC produces soft lead and all lead-based alloys according to customer requirements. Part of the company's production is also - Lead keel, Lead details, Containers for radioactive materials and Sodium sulfate.

                                                            • Soft lead 99.97%, 99.98% and 99.985%
                                                            • Lead-antimony alloys
                                                            • Lead-calcium alloys
                                                            • Lead-tin alloys
                                                            • Lead details
                                                            • Lead keel
                                                            • Sodium sulfate


The capacity of the factory includes all kinds of lead-antimony alloys containing Antimony up to 11.5%.
Additional mixing of the alloys with Sulfur, Arsenic, Tin, Copper, Selenium, Silver, etc. is carried out within concentration ranges in accordance to the preliminary requirements.

The company produces Lead-calcium alloys with low, medium and high Calcium content.
The alloys are additionally mixed with Tin and Aluminium, within range specified by the customer. We produce Lead-calcium alloys without Tin, as well as Lead-tin alloys by customer specifications.