ELBAT Receives First Gas Delivery from SOCAR

ELBAT commenced of natural gas deliveries from Azerbaijan, achieved through the successful cooperation among SOCAR, M-Gaz, and ELBAT.


The first delivery was received on June 18th to maintain our day-to-day producing operations.

Guaranteeing access to Azerbaijani gas is a significant factor towards enhancing the efficiency of our value chain and optimizing our business.

About EL BAT

EL BAT gives new life to old batteries. With the solutions we have created we help to free the environment from the consequences of a number of anthropogenic factors. Our main job is to give efficient solutions for one of today’s most concerning issues that we are facing as humans and promise the world a better tomorrow.

About M-Gas

M-Gas is one of the pioneers in the sale of compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel, as well as in the supply and sale of natural gas for the production needs of industrial plants. The company holds licenses in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Croatia and Hungary.


SOCAR, a global energy company headquartered in Azerbaijan, specializes in the extraction, processing, and distribution of energy resources. As the largest integrated energy enterprise in the South Caucasus region, the company has a significant presence worldwide, underscoring its importance in various international markets.

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