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Lead bushings for battery lids

Battery bushings are a crucial component of every kind of starter battery used on the market, regardless of whether for trucks, motorbikes, cars, or other specific uses. High quality standards are followed in the production of each and every one of our battery bushings. We guarantee that our battery bushings will always be of a high calibre thanks to well defined procedures and frequent inspections. 

Lead sheets

Lead sheets are employed because of their high density, strong radiation resistance, and ability to withstand degradation over an extended period of time. Lead sheets find application in a variety of fields, including cable manufacture and external construction cladding. Our Lead Sheets are manufactured with the utmost precision and adherence to safety and radiation insulation regulations.


Containers for radioactive materials

Radioactive material storage containers are essential in safeguarding radioactive materials. As a provider of top-quality radiation shielding solutions, we offer a wide choice of lead storage containers for a variety of applications.