Breaker, separation and 
filtration unit

The batteries delivered in the collection bunker are loaded into the feeding and metering system of the battery breaking and separation Plant.

The battery scrap is processed through a crushing mill and then separated in two streams, one for paste and one for the coarse part, in order to obtain the following products:

Lead Paste: The paste slurry collected in a tank can be delivered either to the desulphurization process or pumped to a filter-press for dewatering from where the paste cake is discharged in a dedicated area ready for smelting.

Polypropylene, discharged in a dedicated area.

Metallic fraction (grids and posts), which can additionally pass through a washing-desulphurization system and is finally divided in fine-sized fraction (mainly Grids and Pb-Ca part), and in coarse fraction (mainly posts and Pb-Sb part) which are discharged in dedicated boxes.

The process for recycling еxhausted batteries

The process for recycling еxhausted batteries