Every battery is our resposibility.

ELBAT Logistics is in charge of collecting end-of-life batteries, which is a crucial part of our dedication to supporting continuously management and energy storage solution recycling. Our smooth operation guarantees effective battery collection and recycling thanks to our large fleet of collection trucks and more than 200 battery collection locations.

In our responsible stewardship of energy storage solutions, we offer battery collection services spanning two continents. Each battery type demands distinct dismantling and recycling procedures to align with legal mandates. As experts in this field, we adeptly handle batteries for diverse applications, ensuring compliance regardless of your location.


We are experts at retrieving and recycling batteries from companies of all sizes. Our prompt collection service guarantees that used batteries and filled bins are taken out and emptied when needed, and our tailored logistics solutions ensure that any battery, wherever, may be efficiently recovered and recycled in an ecologically responsible manner.



Professional advice, on-site inspections, collection, safe treatment of hazardous materials, disassembly, recycling, and refeeding to the production cycle are all included in our extensive service portfolio. To determine the size and kind of collection system you require, we first conduct a customised consultation as part of our recovery and reutilizations programme.


ELBAT will provide you with advice on how to store your batteries properly so that you may comply with all applicable laws. Particular storage options are required for every kind of waste battery in order to comply. We provide containers that are especially made for the size of the battery and appropriate for any use.



With 200+ collection stations spread over many regional centres and three continents, we offer seamless battery collecting services. To facilitate the closed-loop collecting and recycling of any battery, anywhere, choose your location.


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Vehicles in our own fleet of trucks to transport batteries and metals